Tuscany Tour Guide in Siena and Florence

Holy tour in Siena

Siena and Saint Catherine: itinerary focused on the life of the Saint, walking on the same roads that she crossed. Starting from San Domenico, where the head and thumb are preserved, we will reach the Shrine of the House of Saint Catherine, where it is possible to admire the kitchen Oratory with its splendid floor. We will stop at the Fontebranda area to admire the Fontebranda’s source, where the historic “Tiratoi”, the traditional tools to carry out the activities of wool, are visible. The Saint Catherine’s father was a dyer of wool.

Moreover we will visit the famous old hospital of Siena: “Spedale di Santa Maria della Scala”, the “Oratorio della Notte”, in which Catherine used to pray, then we will continue on the stairway of S. Giovanni, which leads to the Baptistery, to see the point where the Saint was tempted by the devil.

Another important figure is San Bernardino, a Franciscan friar, famous for his sermons. Then we will reach “Piazza S. Francesco”, where St. Bernardino preached and we will visit the homonymous church. It is important to see the Chapel of the Sacred Hosts as testimony to the miracle of the 223 hosts consecrated on the 14th August 1730 and after having been stolen, they were found intact  and uncorrupted.
Afterwards, we will arrive to “Piazza del Campo”, where the Saint announced 46 sermons and we will appreciate the most important buildings.

Finally we will reach the south part of the city to  know the history of a mendicant order: the Servants of Mary, whose founders were seven Florentine citizens.
They built their church above the hill of Castelmontorio: San Clemente in Santa Maria dei Servi. Inside you can see various masterpieces, including the “Madonna del Bordone” by Coppo di Marcovaldo and the “Dead Christ”, recently restored, in polychrome terracotta executed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

Duration: 3/4 hours, depending on your needs.