Tuscany Tour Guide in Siena and Florence

Siena – An unusual morning

The Palio: This tour includes an explanation of the most famous horse race in the world, which takes place in Piazza del Campo. On  2nd July the Palio is dedicated to the miracle of the Madonna of Provenzano , and on 16th August it is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. You shouldn’t miss this event here in Siena. At all times and seasons, you can come and discover the secrets of this exciting tradition. We start by hearing about the 17 “Contrade”, the districts of my town, and the secrets of this emotional race. We go in search of the fountains used for Contrada baptisms, the horses stables and all the treasures inside the museums of each district.
I recommend you visit Siena during this 4 day period of festivities, to see the trial races in Piazza del Campo. We can have dinner in my “ Contrada” and finally watch the race.

Duration: Full day or more days ( on request). The visit is suitable for children.