Tuscany Tour Guide in Siena and Florence

Sala dei Costumi

In Siena, from the 2nd of December 2018 to the 10th of January 2019 at Palazzo Pubblico, at the Sala dei Costumi in Piazza del Mercato:

THE HISTORY OF THE COSTUMES: sketches and communal costumes of the Historic  Procession of 1981.

Visiting this room, you will learn about a complete history linked to the most famous tradition in the world: the Palio. A space dedicated to the communal  costumes of the Historic Procession of 1981. (The historic procession precedes the race and it consists of a parade in historical costume).

The reference period is the late ‘400 – early’ 500. The task of creating the sketches related to the communal costumes , which became almost three hundred, was entrusted to these artists: Sebastiano Morichelli, Pierluigi Olla and Ezio Pollai.
Pisanello, Paolo Uccello and Piero della Francesca are some of the artists ,who inspired the costumes that you can see in this exhibition.

The SALA DEI COSTUMI  is open every  tuesdays and thursdays. It is preferable to communicate it in advance, if are binterested, because it is possible to visit the exhibition  also another days.

Free entrance.